What is the reason for the rising price of refrigerants?

We advise all our customers that during this year refrigerant gas price increase is expected.
This is due to the European Community's quota reduction process: a low availability of gas on the market inevitably implies an increase in prices, especially during the summer.
Gases refrigerants are the most affected, including R404a, R407c, R410a and R134a.
Our company is trying to keep prices aligned with the market as well as maintaining standard product availability. However our ability to provide large quantities is reduced, especially in the summer.


R407F 10kg
235,00 €
255,00 €
Discount on quantity
R410A 10kg
265,00 €
Discount on quantity
R407C 10kg
265,00 €
Discount on quantity
365,00 €
R404A 10kg
375,00 €
Discount on quantity